CAVITY Data Release 1 (DR1)

Data Release 1 was released on the 15 July 2024. A description of its contents is given below.


This describes the first public data release (DR1) of the Calar Alto Void Integral-field Treasury surveY (CAVITY), comprising science-grade optical datacubes for the initial 100 out of a total of ∼ 300 galaxies in the Local Universe (0.005 < z < 0.050). These data were acquired using the integral-field spectrograph PMAS/PPak mounted on the 3.5 m telescope at the Calar Alto observatory. The DR1 galaxy sample encompasses diverse characteristics in color–magnitude space, morphological type, stellar mass, and gas ionization conditions, providing a rich resource for addressing various inquiries in galaxy evolution through spatially resolved spectroscopy. Galaxies were observed with the low-resolution V500 setup spanning the wavelength range 3745–7500 Å with a spectral resolution of 6.0 Å (FWHM). We describe the characteristics and data structure of the CAVITY datasets essential for their scientific utilization, highlighting considerations such as vignetting effects, identification of bad pixels, and management of spatially correlated noise. DR1 color–magnitude diagram


For more information check the DR1 documentation pdf.

Data bundles

Download DR1 PPAK data (~8GB).

List of galaxies

Download DR1 list of galaxies.

Published papers value-added data products

Stellar population properties [Conrado et al., 2024]
Spatially resolved and characteristics properties with pyPipe3D [Sánchez et al., 2024, RMxAA accepted]